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Is a Hemi Walker right for you?

Do you suffer from limited mobility? Have you been overwhelmed by all of the options? James was, after his stroke he experienced limited functionality in his right hand and a cane just wasn’t providing enough stability. After some research a Hemi Walker was his choice and it might be for you as well, the following information may inform your decision.

Who Uses a Hemi Walker?

A Hemi Walker can be used by a person recovering from a stroke or who may be experiencing one sided weakness. This type of walker does not have wheels so users should have adequate upper body strength and coordination to move the walker. They should not be used for excessive leaning as the user may be subject to increased falling.

Design and Functionality

Hemi-walkers have four legs and are made of anodized aluminum tubing, they have two level hand grips one to provide support for standing and the other when sitting, the extra grip also makes folding easier.

There are rubber tips on the end of each leg to ease movement. The support of the four legs is reinforced by a U-Shaped brace. The walker is designed to be used on either side of the body rather than in front of the body. A hemi walker has wider base that provides more stability then a quad cane.

Most Adult Hemi Walkers are designed for a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds and can be adjusted to fit a person from 5’1” – 5’10” tall. Bariatric models capable of supporting up to 500 pounds are also available.

Evaluating your needs

  • Do I have adequate upper body strength and coordination to move the walker?
  • Do I need one sided support?
  • Do I need a standard or bariatric?

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