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Bariatric/Heavy Duty Lift Chairs

Heavy Duty Lift Chairs

When considering an appropriate lift chair option, one popular choice that stands out amongst the different lift chair types is a Heavy Duty Lift Chair because it can bear a large amount of weight, as compared to standard types.

Generally, a lift chair is built to carry approximately 300 pounds, but Heavy Duty lift chairs can support more than 500 pounds or more. These chairs have deeper and broader seats and run on dual electric motors to increase comfort and stability. Most heavy duty chairs are available in 2 or position models.

Why are prices so different?

Like most things you pay for quality. Quality manufacturers use furniture grade wood, high quality fabrics, finely crafted mechanisms and top of the line electronics in manufacturing their chairs. Most manufactures’ have multiple product lines with economic, mid-grade and luxury choices.

Can I customize my chair?

Lift chairs can be customized in hundreds of ways all designed to provide greater utility, comfort or functionality. You can get a chair with leather, massage, heated massage, extra soft, extra firm, petite, extra wide, etc. You name it you can get it!

Before you buy

  • Know what options you want in advance
  • Be mindful of weight limits
  • Will it fit in the room? Through the door?

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